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Academic Activities and Meetups

By attending academic activities,  we can get access to the most cutting-edge research topics and techniques. Even though we cannot accomplish the cool works presented by those big names, it is still worth our time to understand the basic ideas of the research community, which may help us to keep the curiosity about the area.

Conferences and schools:

  1. The 29th Annual Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems (NIPS), Montreal                                                                                                                                      2015.12
  2. Deep Learning Summer School 2016, University of Montreal, Montreal,              2016.8
  3. About IEEE Signal Processing Society Winter School on Distributed Signal Processing for Secure Cyber Physical Systems, Montreal                                                                  2016.11


  1. Big Data Montreal: Spark on HBase, the current state of the art,  by Jean-Marc Spaggiari, Cloudera Principal Solutions Architect, Montreal                               2016.10.18
  2. First prize in Hackathon: Hack the house                                                                   2016.11
  3. Toronto Machine Learning Summit (Retail and Advertisint)  : Daisy Intelligence (rl) , Walmart ( time series clustering and regression, restAPI),  Loblaws, Loyalty One (net-lift, casual inference), Shopify (clustering, HDBSCAN)                  2019.3.26

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