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Apache Hadoop (projects)

QUESTIONS setInputFormat comparator top k frequent words HADOOP SYSTEM Apache Hadoop is an open source software framework for storage and large scale processing of data-sets on clusters of commodity hardware. HDFS(Hadoop distributed file system): data storage (data split and data replication) Map Reduce(data processing): how to leverage job; how do nodes communicate; how to deal with node… Continue reading Apache Hadoop (projects)


JAVA Basics

Questions about JAVA: static (shared by all objects, owned by class), combined with final (unchanged) 序列化, serializable:通用的语言 for communication and persistence string builder 正则表达式:regex, //s, //s+ Integer/int, Character/char? singleton Iterator iterable static block this() in constructor gnu trove script language 32-BITs SYSTEM and 64-BITs SYSTEM 232 − 1 = 4294967295 = 4 GiB − 1… Continue reading JAVA Basics

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C++ programming basics

Class: Passing classes to functions: when a class instance is passed by reference, changes are reflected in the original. Recall that assigning one class instance to another copies all fields Constructors: the same name as the class, can accept parameters, no return value. There can be multiple constructors. If a constructor with parameters is defined, the default… Continue reading C++ programming basics